Thursday, December 11, 2008


I cleaned out Isaac and Ian's room today, which is under seige daily by Isaac's pack-rat-edness. He keeps everything, which is the total opposite of the way I currently operate. From unattended drinks in cups to art that comes home from school... if it sits for more than 15 minutes, it is a goner.

In Isaac's desk drawer, I find the two apology letters that were supposed to make it to those they are addresses to at school. Isaac was forced to write these early on in the school year (like within the first month!). One is to his friend, Jad, and the other is to Mrs. Humes, his teacher. You can see very lightly on the one to Mrs. Humes, "Rite back" on the top, which made me giggle.

I have saved them in Isaac's keepsake box (as my mother always did for me) because it is a good reminder that, while he was such a stinker early in his first grade career, he was able to work at it, and now is a star first-grader... even if the apology letters never made it to school!


  1. Caleb has had to write a few of these in his time. Glad to know we're not the only ones :) As long as the character of Christ is being formed in the process, then I'm ALL GOOD WITH IT - even though it makes for some hard days! I love your Isaac :)

  2. oh yeah... Luke has had his share of apology letters too... I know his have made it to school as I was there to pack them in the back pack... no clue if they were actually delivered once they got there (ha).