Wednesday, March 11, 2009

At Home

This past Monday, I picked Isaac up from his art class at Kent State University. Because his class time is his instructor's class time, I was picking him up at prime "class changing time" (his instructors are art-teachers-to-be). And, as with every time I step on the K
SU campus, I was transported back to my time spent in Kent in the early 90's.

I have always said, and still say it today, that when I was at Kent, I felt the most "at home" that I have ever felt. At a time of my life when things were very uncertain and new to me, I was the most comfortable right where I was... trying to figure it all out in four short years. I was accepted, even in all of my awkwardness and naivety.

Kent is a very liberal place. My views and opinions of many things in life would be considered almost ultra-conservative by Kent standards. Now that I actually possess a thought out (and dare I say an educated) opinion about almost anything, it could be different if I was transported back to my life at KSU (I am just a tad more outspoken than I was back then). However, I think the reason I felt/feel so at home in Kent is because I am not judged if I am "different". In Kent, everyone is different.

I don't want to get much deeper than that revelation of mine. I find it significant enough to acknowledge that the reason I feel comfort in Kent is because, although I am definitely the minority, I am accepted there. That kind of welcoming and acceptance (don't get too crazy with the definition of the word "acceptance") is something I know I fail at, and fail at miserably at times, but it is something I plan to work on.

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