Thursday, January 7, 2010

Compare & Contrast

I came home from work today after being there only a couple of hours because of a violent stomach bug that has hit our staff. Trying to avoid catching something.

As I was waiting for my lunch to cook, I decided to vacuum the upstairs.  Our room, hallway, office... more hallway... and I open the door to the boys' room. Sweet Jesus!, I cried.

I love my sweet Isaac, but if it weren't for the tailbone he broke upon exit our of the birth canal, I would question if he has an ounce of my blood in him. I didn't even turn on a light before I took this - they were already on... going into the fifth hour... all of them. I guess I also cannot fault just Isaac for the room's disarray. At times, I think Ian would rather leap in a boiling pool of lava than pick up after himself.

This is actually not all that bad, I admit (and I am aware of my "issues" with order, so step off), in comparison to other days' messes in their room. But the sight of this completely immobilizes me. I cannot even clean the boys' room anymore because it overwhelms me. Thankfully, Matt keeps it as his little project.

If either of my boys end up hoarders with their vehicles (think Pinto or Conversion van) filled with all of their belongings, yet still feel the necessity to visit the Thrift Shop or Goodwill to find more stuff daily, you cannot blame it on me.

I obviously could not vacuum the boys' room so I moved on to Audrey's. She is a chip off the ol' block!

See the clothes folded at the bottom of the bed? Her pajama's. Folded. Correctly. Even her sweatshirt (far left) found a place to be hung so not to contaminate the clean floor space. Makes a mom proud.

Enjoy the day - wherever you will be spending it!

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