Thursday, January 21, 2010

cranial randomness-ness

A little look into my brain on this sunny Thursday...

  1. Why do my knees feel like I am eighty years old? Seriously achy for the past month. I feel like I am falling apart, one section of me at a time.

  2. I am digging my new haircut. Mullet is gone. Color à la perfection!! For those of you that think you can, do not let me color it any different than what I have now. But, you are only allowed to intervene when asked. Otherwise, I don't need your opinion.   

  3. Filling out my passport application today. Where am I going, you ask? I don't know quite yet. My hopes are for Haiti (sometime before my passport needs renewed) and St. John-Virgin Islands for our 15-year anniversary trip with our besties (sometime in the fall). Seriously giddy about St. John, and scared to death about Haiti.  I am hoping Matt and I will really be able to make a trip there... it sounds like those allowed in in the near future must be pretty experienced and skilled (i.e. medicine), and certainly there are scores of people more qualified, but I just want to help. Hold a baby. Something.   

  4. I ate fresh mushrooms, celery and strawberry yogurt for breakfast. Presently starving and looking forward to reheated manicotti from last night's dinner at the Olive Garden. Went there last night with Matt, sans kids, and he didn't even remember that is he took me there for our first official "date" about sixteen years ago. Loser.

  5. I have decided on this photo organization from Real Simple magazine. It makes me ill thinking about how I will tackle it, but the project starts this weekend. I fear that if I don't, my children will have no photographic evidence of their lives because the internets will disintegrate or something.
  6. Thanks to many of you, I have decided to tackle my closet this weekend to organize first by color, then by type (i.e. short sleeve, long sleeve, sweaters). I seriously think it will create an inner angst because I only own black, grey, white, cream, grey and black. Or maybe it will be an awakening of sorts in that I will realize what I have because it will finally be in its proper coordinated space.

  7. We may talk too openly about menses in our house.

  8. My office feeds alot of stray animals. But our boxer has gone missing. He has zoomed by us a couple of times a day for the past two months. Hopefully, he has made it somewhere safe and warm with lots of good kibble.

  9. Modern Family is the funniest show on television right now. The dad is seriously funny, but really, everything about the show makes me laugh.

  10. Mmmm... this manicotti sure it good.  

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