Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nick Jr., what are you thinking?

My children, ages 11, 7 and 4, spend time on the computer playing on websites such as and Much of their time is supervised; however, we are sometimes lax in our cautiousness, as I am sure many parents are from time to time.

I typically would not be concerned about the information in the video below about an outside website link on the Nick Jr. site... I try not to be an alarmist when it comes to parenting. However, as a parent of young children who are relatively technologically savvy and can navigate almost any website, I am not thrilled with Nick Jr. right now.

Watch the video and then we'll chat.

The reason I wouldn't typically be concerned is because when I follow the steps to get to the Addicting Games site, it seems neatly hidden away under the "More" tab. I hate to say this, but at least two of my children have been to this site, I have seen them click on the link, but I had no idea. Because I wasn't being cautious.

I can hear many of you thinking or saying outloud... "These games are no worse that what they are playing on their PlayStation3s."... and you may be correct, but personally, I don't want my children having access to the online game, "Candy the Naughty Cheerleader" until they are at least age... well, never!

A few weeks ago, we downloaded KidZui, which is a kid safe internet browser for our desktop at home that the kids use. It is great - AWESOME - but through its kid safe filters, it doesn't pick up something like an external link to the Addicting Games website. Obviously, some sites must be manually blocked. { UPDATE: KidZui DOES block the Addicting Games website. Great news! }

Running across this information is a perfect time to remind myself and others that even when we think we using the tools necessary to protect our children online, someone is one step (or hundreds of steps) ahead of us.

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