Monday, February 22, 2010


When the new lia sophia Spring/Summer 2010 collection came out, I felt like I needed to add some pieces with more color to my trays for my home shows. Which is hard for me. Color scares me

Color, I did add, and now I am having a diffifult time finding clothes that match my jewelry. It is so much easier to incorporate color in the spring and summer. My daughter and I have been on numerous shopping trips lately on a quest for more color but everything I pick up is black, grey, white or brown.

I have been dying to wear these pieces together, and even without color in the threads, I pulled it off...

...with this Miley Cyrus Ruffled Black Shirt worn under a black boyfriend sweater. Yes, I purchased something from Walmart to wear on my body, AND it has Miley Cyrus on the tag. Time for you to get over it. The blouse was THREE DOLLARS! BO-NUS!

I now have to figure out how to add this Sedona necklace to the mix. I may have to wait until I find a cute summer maxi dress, which will also likely be in black... or brown... 'cause that is how I roll.

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  1. I really like that blouse. Really on $3! CUTE! BTW I have a terrible no color wardrobe problem myself everything I buy tends to be black, white, and red. Sometimes I will buy something blue and brown but that is it.