Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Garden on 'roids

I can't even take a picture of my full garden because the vegetable plants are too big! Our neighbor, Mr. Steve, came over to check it out last night, and at first sight he said, "Holy sh*t!"  He proceeded to just shake his head, and he then had to get his girlfriend to show her. Obviously the awesome Scotts vegetable soil is doing its job. And, I need either less plants or more space next year. Or I need to donate plants to the Boaz Garden Project.

If I could get it all in one picture, you would green vines developing LOTS of burpless (cracks me up!) cucumbers... very tall, plush tomato plants with its fruit hidden under itself... an overgrown zucchini plant with many flowers but no zucchini to boast about... and a couple of pepper plants, which I am in love with.

Check out these lovelies... mine... all mine...

And for the first time in about seven years, my hydrangea plant is blooming! Better late than never.

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