Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It is very, very, very hard being me.

Yes, the blog design has changed again. I would give anything to have someone design a blog for me, but can you imagine the expense of needing to feed my ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) with having someone actually design something for the ever changing me? Or the pain that would be inflicted on me by waiting for the design project to be completed? So, here I sit... two hours past my bedtime... finally having finished moving the old blog to this blog. Can a woman get some help here, people?!

I know many of you think I jest when I say I may have adult-onset ADD.  I. Am. Serious. Here is a glimpse into my brain over the past week.

We traveled to Memphis to visit my sister, Cathy, and her family. In a side bar of a conversation we were having, Cathy asks me when Isaac (8) and Ian (4) are going to stop sharing a room.

{ wheels starting to move clockwise }

I should have told her to mind her own beeswax.

During the drive home from Memphis, merely three days later, I decide that Ian must move back into his own room, which is now Matt's office. Poor Matt.

{ wheels moving full speed }

Within 24 hours after we had gotten home from Memphis, Ian's "new" room was fully decorated and he was moved in, like clothes in drawers, beds made for stuffed animals, curtains hung moved in. YAY for Ian.

Which also means that Isaac's room is now moved out of and needs rearranged. YAY for Isaac.

Matt moves ALL of the office into our bedroom.

Matt moves ALL of the office into the basement.

{ wheels moving so fast you can smell the burning }

Contractor comes to assess turning the dining room into Matt's new office. Yep. Need a wall and some doors. Them kids are loud.

{ I can hear my mother-in-law "yelling" STOP! DON'T DO IT! YOU WILL NEVER GET IT BACK!  <-- yelling is "yelling" because she doesn't yell. She did, however, once give up her dining room so it could be turned into an office, and 1,735,892 years later, she got it back. }

All of this because of one silly question my sister asked me a week prior. Silly, silly Cathy and her silly, silly questions.

I have to go check on the contractor now to see if he is done.

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