Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Simply Devine

I am always stumped with what to get my children's teachers at the end of the year (and at the holidays, while we're talking about it). This year, I decided to order three dozen cookies from Devine Delights.

I just picked the cookies up from the very creative Karen Devine! Aren't they beautiful?! And, see that "thank you" one? That was for my afternoon snack! Delish.

For those of you that knew me way back when we wore corduroy Lee jeans, these Devine Delights taste just like the ones we coveted growing up from our childhood friend, Tiffany R.

Karen is in the Cleveland area; however, I bet she would ship to you out of towners! Call her at 440-263-9936.

I have to go hide the other 36 cookies sitting in my office now. Peace!

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