Monday, July 12, 2010


Which one of these boys is not mine?

Meet Lenny, our live-in for the next two weeks. Lenny is coaching futbol (makes me sound more worldly than saying "soccer"... with my Ohio accent) through Ambassadors in Sports (AIS) at our church this summer, and he will be staying with us during part of his coaching tour in Ohio. Audrey and Isaac will be participating in the camp next week. They can't wait, especially now that Lenny is IN THE HOOOOOWWWWSE!

Funny story... Matt decided that we would offer to house one or two of the coaches from AIS. He felt like our children could afford the benefits of having someone from a different part of the world in our home for a couple weeks. Makes sense.  You see, many of the coaches are from different countries around the world, and any time Ian, age 4, sees someone of African-American descent, he tells me that it is Lebron James. He used to say Obama. At least we know he is up on current events.

When we got our assignment, we found out that Lenny is from Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh? BUT, Lenny's mother is from Tonga, which is an island south of Samoa in the South Pacific. So, that counts. For fun this week, we will be having a luau with Tongan dancing. I WISH!

We are digging having Lenny here. The kids love him and have welcomed him like he is meant to be here. It takes Ian every ounce of energy he has to not invade Lenny's space in his little basement suite downstairs.

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