Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WT Garden

I am a very particular kind of person when it comes to our yard and house. I like clean lines. Straight rows. No clutter. Shiny things are good. Deep down, I am sure it is my desire to look good to those who enter in or travel past our house. Whatever... if one day, and that day will come, our yard and house turns to complete and utter choas out of my control, I will survive. I just really like to take care of what the good Lord has provided for us.

My garden so does not have the order I so desire it to have. It is beyond out of control.

Every couple of days, Matt and I need to head out there to assess new growth and re-assess what we have already assessed a hundred times.

We now have circular tomato stakes that can't hold up the plants... a trellis that is unable to hold things together... plant posts that at this point are just ornamental in nature... sticks gathered from the woods to act as fence posts to wrap vegetable plant ties around.... it creates a kind of  group hug for the tomato plants.

Oh, and we have about 200 tomatoes (small and regular size) that I am patiently waiting to ripen.

Next year, I think I need to double - if not triple - the size of the garden. My neighbors are going to looooovvvvve me!

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