Friday, August 20, 2010

Girlz Just Wanna Have Fun

Don't let their sweetness fool you... these girls are heading off to the infamous 7th grade, where the boys are cute and the girls are mean. I have a feeling it is going to be a fun, yet rough, year for these little ladies. I thought things would be different for Audrey in middle school - my 7th and 8th grade years sucked, quite frankly - but the issues are all the same, it seems.

It is interesting though... I never wanted to talk about any of the nastiness that went on with my Mom. Likely because I didn't think she would understand or if I spoke about it, it would make it more real. But, Audrey is talking. And, it sounds like her friends are talking to their Moms, too.

I guess we all have to hope and pray that as Moms, we guide and encourage our daughters to be inclusive, kind, respectful, modest, and overall good examples to their friends and acquaintances. Because in the end, those that alienate themselves by being "mean girls" are only hurting themselves, and one day, it will seem so silly.  


  1. what a great post! working with middle schoolers the word "drama" pretty much sums up these years.
    keep doing the great job you are anne! even if aud doesn't want to talk all the time, remember she is always listening! my time will come soon enough and no doubt i'll be asking you for advice with peanut. love ya girl XO

  2. LOVE these pics and your posts... amazing how different they are but how well they all do together. Let's just keep praying for patience and guidance as we navigate through these "super fun" teen years.

    So agree about the basement... I always said by the time the kids hit high school we would have a "hang out" room in our basement. Guess what is on the project list in the very near future? 'Cept ours is easier to sneak out of (he he).