Sunday, August 15, 2010

What we did - Mayleville 2010

This is for me and my family... not for you...  but if you care to know (and my in-laws likely do!), then so be it. Enjoy. We had a blast!

Day #1 - Saturday
Arrival day for us, along with 11 others. Nana, Tony, Sherrie, Craig, Grace and Connor (BF), Seth, Cathy, Aaron, Lucy and Griffin. It was a beautiful, hot day spent on the dock and in the water... then playing cornhole and ladder ball. Isaac had an AWESOME time meeting his cousins, Zac and Gabe. Aunt Cathy enjoyed many a Bloody Mary, and the kids learned how to play poker.

Day #2 - Sunday
Our friends the Bowers and Sneiders came to visit. Then, along came Uncle Mike, Cole and Chase with their boat. Mike took the kids for a boat ride while the parents caught some R & R on the dock. Sherrie and her clan departed, which left The Whites, The Smiths (my younger sister's family) and Nana (my mom) and Tony (step-daddy). Isaac also jumped 997 times on the pogo stick (later in the week, he hit 1100!)

Day #3 - Monday
Put-in-Bay. Hollar! With the Smiths and Cole and Chase Mayle.

We go to PIB every year... since like forever and a day ago. It changes some but the premise is still the same. When I was growing up, we would hit PIB for ice cream on my grandpa's boat.

Today, it is a similar kind of event. Although, now we take the Miller Ferry, which is actually where I (and my sister Cathy) made some bucks from about age 16-21. Straight off the dock, we had to find Billy Market to catch some kisses, then we headed to the Miller Boat Line offices to say hello to Julene Market, Billy's sister, and our former boss. It has been about 15 years since I have seen her last... girl, you look good!

We then headed to Frosty's for some lunch.

Last year, after lunch at Frosty's, Cathy and I allowed Matt and Aaron to stay behind to get to know the bartender, but this year, we did it a different way. You see, we had two 12 year olds with us, which means double the babysitter. So, we cozied up to the window at Frosty's, which had a clear shot of the park, and we let the kids run free, under the watchful eye of two twelve-year olds, of course. Eventually, Matt and Aaron went out to tend to the kids while Cathy and I hit the porch of the Round House. There, we met Stan, the "bouncer" who did not card me... but also flattered me by seeming stunned that I was 38 yrs. old. And, he bought that Cathy was 29. Pfft.

And, after a couple of gift shops, we were done. If I ain't gonna see Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs at PIB, I am done.

Day #4 - Tuesday
It was HOT and gross. The algae had moved into the beach and we weren't able to swim. I honestly don't even recall what else transpired this day, other than ending it with a jaunt to Nana's house a few miles away for a quick shower in the air conditioning.

Day #5 - Wednesday

Cedar Point Day. It started out as a beautiful, sunny day. We arrived at the amusement park separately... me, Ian, Aaron (my brother-in-law) and Lucy (neice) in one car, and Matt, Isaac and Audrey in another. Sissies vs. Dare-devils. We went our separate ways in the park too.

We arrived at Camp Snoopy, via the cable cars and train, and first rode the Nascar ride with Ian and Lucy. Harmless. Moved on to the TRUE first roller coaster experience for these two... Woodstock Express. They LOVED it.

From there, Aaron suggested the Tilt-a-Whirl. Out loud. In front of God and my 5 year old son. I said no. Ian said yes. So, we went. All 4 of us. It was fun until about 30 seconds was left of the ride when it felt like my stomach was in my throat. It ended, and I looked to Aaron and Lucy in the tin can next to us. Aaron was feeling my pain. We exited the ride, and ultimately had to sit, in our own dripping sweat, with the hopes that the motion sickness would subside. I was shaking. LOVE CEDAR POINT.

We ate lunch, all the time getting updates from Matt about what a great time they were having going on the real rides.

Then, I get a text telling me that they had waited one and a half hours in line for the Millenium Force. Audrey had no intention of going on it... she was just along for the line. But Isaac... he chickened out. 90 mins. waiting in line. LOVE CEDAR POINT.

Our clan moved on to the swings. Circular motion. Why? No idea. But we did and it was not good. I think Aaron was trying to kill me.

The sheer joy on their faces is worth all of the motion sickness. But really, we could have avoided all of the going round-and-round. Really.

It was a BUSY day. We left promptly after the rain started, and the big kids stayed, of course. Once we got home, we left for Uncle Mike's boat. Hard to explain, but we were headed to some joint on the river for dinner. In the boat. Then, had great bar food. While running into old neighbors.

Day #6 - Thursday

The Smiths headed out the night before, so Audrey, Nana and I had a day to visit my friend, Danielle, and her sweet family at their cottage at Lakeside, OH. I have never been there before, but it was awesome and beautiful.

While we were there, Matt and the boys went to Camp Perry in Oak Harbor, OH to check out some of the military relics.

That night, Isaac ended up jumping the 1100 plus jumps on the pogo stick. He only has about 176 thousand jumps (and 20 hours) more to go to beat the record!

Day #7 - Friday
Hitch 'em up and move 'em out!

We sunned ourselves in the morning. Some of us stayed inside and sent text messages. And, by noon, we were headed east.

It was a GREAT vacation. I almost took us back there today. THAT is how good it was.

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