Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Keeping Track

Stats for the 2-mile:
@ Mayfield Heights - 18:12
@ Home against Hudson - 18:37
@ Home against South Euclid - 14:49

This is Audrey's first year of running cross country, so as the season goes on, we have no idea of what to expect. But, from the numbers, we can come up with these observations.

Kelly and Audrey
Kelly is Audrey CC mentor. She knows everything about CC and even has special shoes.
 Up to this point, she may not have been running to her full potential. I heard many of the girls say they shaved 3 minutes off their time. How is that possible in a week ?

Or she had a really good race last night.

She also seems to do well when she connects herself to someone during the race with a similar pace. Last night, this happened to be the same girl she "ran" with when she walked in the first race of the season (see knee brace in below picture).

Mackenzie, Audrey and Anna

She may need a weekly goal, although she claims she didn't really have one last night, but she was hoping her time from last night would qualify her for a "varsity" spot for the invitational this weekend. And, it did. But we don't really know what that means. But, it sounds good, doesn't it?

Whatever it was last night, she looked strong and it definitely looked more fun for her.

Anna and Audrey
Audrey is doing that there breathing I taught her.
She obviously has my love of running.
< snicker, snicker > 

Matt, Maria and Olivia
Such a sweet group of kids overall. For now.

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  1. me thinks temperatures below 90 may have had something to do with all the personal bestest times. And oh yeah... the varisty 7 girls take off at a different time from all the "open" middle school runners. It will be every schools varsity 7 girls competing together. Coach gave the team all the start times... I forget but ask Aud.