Monday, September 20, 2010

A perfect day

It was my birthday yesterday. Yep, my last year spent in my second decade. Ok, so I didn't turn 29 yesterday, but I had a lovely day.

It started with church, then soccer game, a 6-year old's birthday party, cleaning out the garden and watering flowers, making lunches, and some more busy work.

Then Matt sent me a text telling me he was going to take me out to dinner at PF Chang's. He does not like Chinese cuisine, neither do the kids, so as he was texting me, I was literally online looking for the menu to Tong Tong's Chinese Takeout. I was going to treat myself to Chinese for my birthday. PF Chang's with Matt was such a better option.

As we were walking in the restaurant, I see our very tall friend, Doug. Before I connected the dots, I was telling Matt that I saw Doug. Duh. And I saw his lovely wife, and our BFFs. Niiiiiiiiiice.

So my already great day was ending just perfectly with friends over a Chinese feast. And red wine. And white wine. And plum wine. And beer. And roast duck. I am sure there will be pictures to post.

Is this just not the most awesome of awesome statements in all of the world? This is from Doug and Kim, and I plan on hanging it somewhere very conspicuous to remind myself of my potential. But who needs a tiara and "nice" cape? 

Kent State Golden Flashes RULE! Woot-woot! From RWB and Colleen, also Kent Staters.

Best. Birthday. Present. Ever.  I am in love with this coffee maker. It makes me very happy. From my Mom.

This iPad made its way into our house by someone claiming it was my birthday present. Inneresting. I do use it quite often, so for my birthday, I requested a keyboard docking station. Love it, too, and finally the iPad has a permanent home on our kitchen counter where I can listen to my New Age Ambient music on and drive my family cRaZy.

Oh, and when we got home from dinner last night, we found that Audrey and Isaac had put clean sheets on our bed. I had washed / dried them before we left for dinner but didn't have time to make the bed. Seriously, I think that was the best part of the day.

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