Thursday, October 7, 2010

29 days

As you can see by my little vacation counter to the right and down a bit... I am... we are... today, 29 days away from being here...

Honeymoon Bay, St. John USVI
And here...

Little Cinnamon Bay, St. John USVI

Um... and here... where I may be enjoying a mudbath with the sea bottom... good for the skin!

Salt Pond Bay, St. John USVI
And here.

Trunk Bay, St. John USVI

The anticipation of going back to St. John is killing me! I can hardly think of anything else!

A smidgen of what my thoughts look like today...
  • Underwater camera. How easily could we find one that is inexpensive?
  • Shoes. Shoes for beach. Shoes for hiking. Shoes for night life.
  • Itinerary. I sure hope Colleen is planning where we will go and what we will do. I want to see every inch of the island, and she is just the girl that can make it happen. Impossible, I know. But, all of the most impressive inches must be seen.
  • Tanning bed packages.
  • Shoes.
  • Tall skinny native on St. John that steals out of rental cars. Is he still there?
  • Weather. The rain in St. John must stop.
  • Snorkel gear.
  • Above water camera. Big or little?
Thankfully, I have 29 days to figure all of this out.

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