Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mom of the Year Award

Audrey came home from a weekend retreat with her youth group at church a couple days ago. Her cell phone worked when she got home. Then, a day later, it couldn't find a signal. Some nice lady at T-Mobile was unable to help us work out the kink, so of course, that meant a new phone. But for whom? {I don't even know if that is proper English, but who/whom cares, really... }

As the elder in the T-Mobile subscriber group in our house, I clearly was entitled to the new phone. Audrey would have then gotten my phone, which was just like the non-signal-finding-phone. She is lucky she has a phone. I was 28 when I got my first cell phone, I would just like to point out.

The thought of me getting the new phone, and Audrey getting essentially the same exact phone that just 'died' threw her into a complete, non-sensical, pre-teen tizzy. I am talking about wrapped up in a blanket in your closet, unable-to-face-reality-tizziness.  

During the obvious demise of her childhood, she sent me a message from her iTouch (Are you feeling my pain? She has an iTouch... clearly she is one deprived child.). She told me that I was taking advantage of her phone breaking by ME getting the new phone, and her getting mine. She was a witch with a CAPITAL B... refusing to speak to me, hug me, etc., etc. EVIL. 

My thoughts about this phone were very random and not very passionate. I am not really a tech-junkie, and I hate smart phones because I obviously am not as smart as they are. My phone from 1999 works just fine for my needs.

So, I suggested that we give Audrey the option to either take my phone... or draw straws... clearly the most fair of our options. (Actually, my idea was either take my phone, and get an upgrade next August when I am due... or take the new phone now, and be stuck with it for another 2 years with a new contract). Because of T-Mobile rules and offers, my plan did not work out. My phone or straws. She chose straw drawing. 

And, she ended up with the new phone. Yet, she still has the attitude. We have created a monster.

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