Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Work-life fun

I normally would not post about things that happen in the workplace, but today's different... I am feeling it today.

A couple weeks ago, we hired someone (we will call her 'Brenda') who replaced someone else that had only worked here for all of one month. After three days of work, Brenda decides that the job isn't for her, but lucky for us, she is giving us a two-week's notice. That was on Tuesday of last week.

Yesterday, Brenda calls off sick. Fine. Everyone gets sick. No biggie.

Today, Brenda shows up to work. At ten o'clock, she is demanding a smoke break. Because of our terribly small staff, and the work that has piled up in Brenda's absence (and let's be honest... also in Brenda's presence), no one can afford a middle of the morning fill-in for Brenda's smoke break.
Eleven-thirty rolls around, and Brenda picks up all of her belongings and leaves. Drives out of the parking lot. B-bye. Apparently, she needed more than just a smoke break.
Right before all of this happened, I get an email forward from a friend...

"Twice last week the air freshener was taken from the women’s restroom. The first time the air freshener was taken it was replaced by the men’s restroom’s air freshener, and then the “replacement” air freshener was taken; now both restrooms are without air fresheners.

If you have issue with the air fresheners; whether it is respiratory irritation, dislikes of the scent or another reason please bring those concerns to my attention. Please do not remove the air fresheners from the restrooms as they for the collective benefit of the office.

Thank you."

What is going on today?!?

I would like to personally thank all parents who have instilled decent work habits and ethics into their children.

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