Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas decorating-in-progress

Matt, Audrey and Isaac had soccer practice tonight, so after a weekend of absolutely nothing, I figured I should try to tackle putting the finishing touches on the Christmas decorations. I don't have any house guests or planned visitors until this weekend, so I still have some time...

I had read a DIY home decor blog post in the past couple of weeks where the blogger had purchased some glass hurricanes from a dollar store for her mantel. So, that is where Ian and I headed tonight. It was a successful trip, and we topped it off with a trip to Hobby Lobby.

I didn't even take a 'before' picture of our mantel because it was so naked, with only stockings hung. Not with care.

Here we have the two hurricanes, two candle stands (which will be hurricane stands), two glass candles, and in the back is some holly from Hobby Lobby.

Candles in hurricanes on candle stands. Are you feeling it?

I alsready had the topiaries on the fireplace, but added the hurricanes and the greenery. Something was missing, but I decided to head on to my table centerpiece for the kitchen.
Can you say A.D.D.?

I bought this sweet tray from Hobby Lobby, and then filled it will ornament balls and holly...
... plus salt/pepper shakers and the napkin bin.

And, then let's move on to picture frames. I grabbed a couple at Hobby Lobby, knowing what I would put IN them, but I just didn't know where I would put them.

JOY is what I was missing here... JOY in a picture frame... on my mantel.

I just printed the words on cardstock I have for my chatterbox greetings gig, and put it in the frame. Voila.

And then, 'noel' went on the coffee table, which I like to keep as simple as possible due to incoming Nerf darts, Bakugan and monster trucks.

 I think I would now like to replace to shield in the back of the corner fireplace mantel with Christmas subway art... but that, my friends, is for another day.

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