Thursday, November 25, 2010

December 2010 - Miche Bag New Releases

Meet Maggie, a lovely cranberry shell for the classic size bag!

And, here we have Andi, also for the classic size base. She is shimmery and glistens like the winter snow... ha!

Natasha is BY FAR my favorite new release this month! She is for the big bag base and absolutely blows me away!

And Leah is a beautiful teal colored big bag shell with an awesome crooked zipper. She would be an perfect shell for the winter and would also carry you into spring! Yes, I am already thinking spring!

These new shells won't be available for order until December 1, so you have some extra days to decide which one (or two) you would like!  When you are ready to order, you can email me at or you can visit my website, create an account and shop away!

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