Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trunk Bay Delayed

Funny how plans can go so awry in paradise. 

We planned on waking up and heading out to breakfast at 8am and then to snorkel and spend the day at Trunk Bay. Instead, we woke up to a massive, parked storm over the USVI and Puerto Rico.   The warnings are telling us to stay put until it has calmed down... even the roads may be impassable. Argh!!

So, in my newly found downtime, I started making a list of some of the things that make St. John unique...

1. St. John is a US territory, yet there is no tax on the island and the citizens cannot vote. They also have a Congressional delegate, who also cannot vote.

2. You drive on the left side of the road, but most vehicles have the driver still on the left (they are from America). The busses have the driver on the right. 

3. There is no open container law on the island, which means practically everyone is carrying a beer or the equivalent through the streets at any given time of the day. You can also take your own beverages INTO a restaurant or establishment.

4. You must be covered when not on a beach. No prancing around in just your bathing suit.

5. There is not trash pick up, but you take your trash to big red dumpsters that are situated on the side of the road here and there. Doesn’t seem to be any sort of a mass recycling effort on the island, which is a cryin’ shame (reference #3 above).

6. Donkeys, likely descendents from those donkeys who transported materials during the sugar mill plantation days, freely roam the island… and, they do NOT like the rains. Truly Eeyore-ish when it rains.

7. In addition to donkeys, there are plenty of goats and pigs with their little piglets roaming around digging through the trash. 

8. Workers seem to just leave their heavy construction equipment in the oddest of places, like on the side of the road in 5 inches of water… or in the bush. Lot of randomness when it comes to the side of the road.

9. The tropical storm activity from the past few months has caused many roads and hillsides to wash out. Even in the short time we have been here, they get progressively worse with every rain.

10. While it seems like a very impoverished island, it is very wealthy. The upkeep of the area above Cruz Bay has much to be desired, however. It is clean in terms of trash, but there is just crap everywhere. 

11. There are a couple of schools on the island… a Catholic school in Cruz Bay and another public school near Coral Bay. Many kids also head to St. Thomas for their school.

12. The natives on the island are West Indians. 
13. From talking to some others who are visiting the island, it seems that some of the locals who have come here from the states are finding that it is too expensive and congested to live here anymore. Puerto Rico is now the hot residential destination, apparently.

I am sure some other things I find interesting about St. John will pop into my head, but for now, I need to go feast on some scrambled eggs that my husband has cooked for me. (It is the only thing left in our refrigerator!)

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