Monday, December 6, 2010

At this stage of the game...

... it is still pretty!

We got our first real snow relatively early this year. We usually don't see this much snow until January, but it started yesterday and 'they' predict the lake effect snow (which means ALOT of snow) will be with us for the next two days, at least.

Our school district was about the only one in our area to NOT cancel school today. Angry children in our house today. However, Matt was thrilled to be able to use the snow blower he bought from friends and former neighbors who moved to Las Vegas earlier in the year.

I hate snow. After these next couple of days, I will have had enough to last the entire winter season. Oh, and make note, 'winter' isn't even upon us.

This is NOT a black & white photo... just appears to be... it is the hike/bike trail that runs behind our neighborhood (and all throughout our area).

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