Sunday, February 6, 2011

From one Mom to another

This week, I ran into a friend of mine who had  their second baby not so long ago. Our conversation eventually came around to how she was not continuing to breastfeed this new baby because it was just too difficult with the other child, who is not quite two years old. My friend, of course, felt guilty because everyone tells her that what she is doing and what she "should" be doing are two different things. Been there. Felt that.

There is one feeling that a Mom who is giving her all for her children should never feel, and that is guilt.

Can I just say (oh wait, this is my blog, so I can... ) that if you are one of "those" Moms who loves to tell other Moms what to do and how they should be doing it, just stop. Mind your own business. Really.

You think you are being a good friend, sister, aunt, mother, grandmother... but you are not. This goes for breast feeding, home schooling, the issue of working outside of the home, spanking, etc. The list could go on and on. For every study, Bible verse or personal story you give a Mom trying to make the case for your opinion, most Moms could also offer you the same to support an opposite opinion.

While we are on the topics of Moms...

I also would like to point out that if someone, a Mom, has volunteered to head a school event for the PTA, and you are on the committee, please just do what you are asked, and next time, you can head the event and make as many decisions as you would like. Too many chiefs and not enough indians = nonsense. Nothing gets done except incessant emailing, that in the end, no one is reading anyway. And we are likely bitching about you behind your back. True.

If you are the type of personality that must have your own way, then either don't volunteer or opt to head the committee next year. 

If you head something, and only because you have volunteered to head whatever it is, you rule... you rock... and you get to make any and all decisions. This is my motto, as many of you have experienced first hand when I have offered to be the one to do X. Many of you experienced it in my pre-medicated days; and for that, I offer you my apologies. However, post-medication, I think you would still get the same result. If it is my name attached to an event, and my responsibility to do X, stand back.

Phew. Okay, I feel much better now.

Thanks for stopping by! -a


  1. Great post! I can so agree with you on all of it! :)

    Let me introduce myself...I'm Annabelle, I blog at and I found your blog a few days ago (can't remember what I was doing when I found it though), thought it was great, so I subscribed! :)

  2. Anne...all I got to say is "Right On"!!!

  3. Anne...all I got to say is "Right On"!!!