Friday, March 25, 2011

Circle of Moms

Can you vote for me? Pretty please? Even if you don't think I am funny? Because I know I really am not, and I am okay with that. However, the exposure of being in the tops of this list, especially when I only have 2 friggin' days left of this contest, would be great! You can either vote once, or once a day. Suggest to all of your friends --- who knows? They may think I am at least funny looking... click badge to vote.

You never know what you may find when these lists of mom bloggers pops up --- > my favorite from this list is Rage Against the Minivan. How stinkin' cute is that family? And, their story is truly amazing and inspiring. Check it out, and vote for her, too!

Thanks for the love!  ((( hugs )))

Update: Okay, I lied. When you click the badge, you are not done. You then need to scroll down (likely aaaaaalllll the way to the bottom-ish) and click on the thumbs up sign to the right of my blog name.

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