Monday, March 7, 2011

Who is Dani Johnson?

Raise your hand if you watched Secret Millionaire with Dani Johnson last night on ABC?

Matt had been waiting all week to watch the show, so at 8:00pm, we tucked Ian in bed and snuggled together to watch while the older two kids did their before-bed-thing.

About 10 minutes into the show, I am saying to Matt, "Wha? Who is this woman? Huh? What is her name? What does she DO? Do you see her boobs?"

I mean, come on. She looks like a super model who had too high of aspirations for her breast implants.

By 8:30pm, we are both bawling. I am searching for Dani Johnson online, and yes, I liked her on Facebook and started following her on Twitter.

Last night was a very, very big night for Dani Johnson. She was the most googled anything within the last 24 hours. (Could we have forgotten about Charlie Sheen and his fire breathing, tiger blood pumping fists?)

Yet, I still had no idea who she really was. All I knew at this point was that she was gorgeous, had enormous boobs, was incredibly giving, and she was definitely emotionally invested as she filmed the first episode of Secret Millionaire.

Dani Johnson, on last night's show, seemed so normal. When you click on that link, she still seems normal.

It is interesting though... she seems to have this cult-like following through her sales and wealth training materials.  She has some major critics of what some call a 'get rich quick' scheme. And then, I hear of connections between Benny Hinn and Dani Johnson. That all seems so not normal.

I read somewhere online that she and her husband, Hans, also are involved in commercial real estate, and although they are entrepreneurial millionaires, they live off of 20% of their income.

If you watched, you can see why she would have a loyal following. She is like a sweet, strong, loyal, selfless friend who lives a modest life, and is concerned for those that are less fortunate in our country. She completely sucked us in through the TV. I can't imagine what the pull is like seeing her in person or reading her books.

Intriqued. Very intriqued. Add her to my girl crush list.

If you did not watch the show, either watch it online at or they will be running it again on Saturday, I believe. Truly touching show. We can't wait to watch it again next week.


  1. Jen and I could not wait to see this new show. As with you, we too thought, "what is with the boobs"? Can't wait till next week.

  2. Dani Johnson completely changed my life a few years back. I still go back for more :) she truly is gifted with helping people really take a look a themselves and change their lives from the inside out. We're all a work in progress... Blessings to you! I have met so many amazing people through the DJ network. It amazes me what kind of people are in this group who are changing their lives (and other people's lives) for the better.

  3. A friend recently went to a seminar hosted by Dani Johnson. He came back a born-again Christian with a huge, godly chip on his shoulder. He's losing friends fast. I think this Dani woman is a charismatic cult leader. Scary...and stay away from the kool aid.

  4. go to one of her trainings! its incredible I have been 3 times when they come close and it is just amazing I am only 13 and I changed my life around because of it. Its not all business... visit her website there is more information