Friday, April 1, 2011

DIY for dummies

It is clear that I am not a DIYer. This is so not a DIY for the home blog. But, I had to show you what I did.

I made a jewelry tree. I cut a branch from one of our trees, spray painted it white, trimmed it here and there (about three times), stuck it in a vase from IKEA ($3) and filled the vase with decorative stones ($2 also from IKEA). It isn't the perfect twig/branch, but I keep looking! Easy skeezy.

And theeeennn... I took five throw pillows that I have in the family room, scattered about. I decided to go all HGTV on them...

...and, voila!!  These were made by using stitch-witchery and cloth napkins that I bought at Target. $9.99 makes two pillow covers.


Now, because you think I am so 'talented', please VOTE!

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