Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday / Earth Day

Happy Good Friday and Earth Day, although both are nearly over.

I am stoked to "have" Easter at our house this weekend. Why, you ask? Because it isn't really here.

We asked everyone to come this way, but we will have Easter brunch at da club. No cooking, no cleaning  up... just a seafood and carving station, fresh fruit, and breakfast buffet... oh, and likely a Zing-Zang Bloody Mary or two... to celebrate the risen Lord. Can't wait.

Since the kids were off school, I spent most of my day cleaning and driving Audrey here and there. She and a few friends ended up going bowling. I was on double carpool duty, which was cool because these were "newer" friends... well, not newer, but I hadn't spent much time with them. Plus, two of them were boys. Cootified.

I know how this will sound, and I hope you won't take it for more than what it is... we live in Stow, OH which is very vanilla. I absolutely love it that, today, there were six kids in my van... one with parents from Kenya, two of mixed African American/White heritage, one strong beautiful Italian, and a couple white breds. THAT is what a minivan should be filled with! Sweet kids... and I so wish I would have had the opportunity to have that kind of experience in my rural hometown.

I do believe I drove more today than I have driven to/from work in a month... which made me realize that my choosing to work half of the time that I was working pre-January 1, 2011 IS GREEN(ER)!  I spend about 1/2 of the gas... and 1/2 of the water from shower time now that I work part time. Is that gross?  I don't shower on the days I don't work... unless needed, of course.

Off to rest before I have to finish cleaning the house tomorrow... The Whites wish you and yours a blessed Easter Weekend!  May you remember why we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord!

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