Monday, April 25, 2011

Mischief Maker

I bought some wine for the Easter weekend, and I knew deep down that no one would drink it, but once again, I could not pass up the label.

I am the middle sister in my family. Definitely a mischief maker since birth.  But, I don't know about all of this other stuff.

Let's see. I never dated brothers, but I did date one of my brother's best friends. And, as my brother said, maybe a "brotha".

I have never worn leather pants to a wedding, but I did wear a red dress to one a few years back. The bride commented how I was the only one wearing a color. Oops. My dermatologist wears black leather pants... does that count?

Keep you up after bedtime on a school night? Nope, not me. Unless I am at a wedding.

Changing hair color. Definitely, spot on. I think I spend more dough on getting my hairs did in a year than a family of five does on health insurance.

Make lives more complicated? Less boring? I dunno. You tell me.

I kind of do love trouble in that I don't like just going with the crowd. Go figure, because I wasn't always that way.

And, you love me (or my blog???)? I guess you can cast your vote to tell me so!

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