Monday, May 23, 2011

This Week's Miche Bag Update

My apologies for being negligent with these updates the past few weeks. Honestly, I just keep getting them from my distributor and **delete** after reviewing them and doing what I need to do on my end... but then, then...

Today, I noticed that my favorite Halle, has been retired.

How is that possible? She JUST came out in early spring. Because that is the way that Miche Bag corporate is rolling these days.

And, as I have been saying... if you like, get them now, because you never know how quickly they will be 'retired'.

Here we go... the number in parenthesis are the number my distributor has left in her warehouse.

Classic shells: These are final inventory counts. Miche has no more once my distributor is out.
- Natalie (13)
- Tori (10)

Big Bag shells:
- Abbie (8)
- Robin (4)
- Danielle (10)
- Allie (7)- Lauren (3)

The following shells will soon retire and are offered at 50% off!
Check it out!  We have more Zoe shells!
- Roxanne (5)
- Pink Zoe (12)
- Green Zoe (27)
- Yellow Zoe (11)
- Blue Zoe (16)

These are being offered at full price, but, when they're gone, they're gone.
- Pink Soft Wallet (31)
- Black Soft Wallet (13)
- Macie (23)
- Noel (Classic) (23)

- Sierra (Mini) (24)
- Winter Purse Charm (10)
- Magnetic Key Finders: Heart (10), Stiletto (37), Flower (18), Purse (19), Cross (15), Picture Frame (28), Martini Glass (24)

Out of Stock items:
Hope Purse Charms Out of Stock - anticipated return in June.
Coin purses are out of stock Ava Out of Stock - anticipated return in July.
Shawna Out of Stock - anticipated temporary return in May.
Sandy Out of Stock - anticipated return in May.
Brandi Out of Stock - anticipated return in May.
Mini Long Straps - Anticipated Miche Restock month is August.
How do you order? Go right to my website, which is, create an account and shop 'til you drop! If you have any trouble, please email me at
June new releases are coming soon!! Holla!!
And, my dear Halle (big bag ~ white)  RETIRED

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