Wednesday, June 22, 2011

my garden is bitchin'

Those are zukes and I prune them back about every day. Out. Of. Control. We shall eat you soon, my pretty little zucchinis.

Cucumbers and spinach. It doesn't look pretty. Controlled cuke chaos. I cut up $2 worth of cukes this morning (2 whole cucumbers) from the grocery, and I have about 20 growing on these 3 plants. Holla!

I need to do some research on the baby spinach. They are growing, but like I said, it ain't pretty. Or consistent.

Things like this amaze my simple brain. Last night, that was not wrapped tight like a snake, and it was short. (TWSS) This morning, that tiny little support strand looked like this. A climbin' we will go!

Psst. I write, you click on the brown bar. XXOO

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