Friday, June 10, 2011

What do loneliness, Mandy, staples and Rutherford B. Hayes have in common?

Matt has been gone all day. He left before I woke up, and he won't be home until tomorrow sometime.

I know some of you would kill to send your husband off for any number of days... and likewise, husbands, I am sure you would do whatever you could to also become invisible for a while.

My kids were also gone most of the day, and I have been... oh, so lonely. How stupid is that?

The highlight of my day was buying a new $10 toaster from Walmart. (Yes, Mom, buy cheap, buy twice. We know.)  I didn't even get to go to the pool today. :::violins:::

So then I got to thinking about my loneliness. I posted this as my Facebook status. 

Yep, that's what I would do when my Mom and Dad went "out" - which was, um, every weekend - and, a babysitter would come stay with us while they were out. I would lay on the floor of our dining room, snuggling with the yellow record player (it was completely rad), replaying 'Mandy'.

"You came and you gave without taking. Oh, I sent you away, oh Mandy." 

I can hardly listen to the song today without choking up.

Well, THAT got me to thinking about the other completely stupid, quirky things I did as a child. Such as...

I used to sit in our stairway going up to the second floor... and staple. my. thumbs.

WHAT  is that about? Who the hell knows?!  And, how the actual idea came to me to try it, I will never know. But, I did it. Took the stapler and wham! into the pads of my thumbs. I would then pull them out and watch it bleed. Repeat.

I am telling you that I would be a therapist's jackpot!

I grew up in the hometown of Rutherford B. Hayes... the um... something-something President of the US. The grounds with his home and presidential museum is called Spiegal Grove, and it was within walking distance of our house. Spiegal Grove is surrounded with a black wrought iron fence.

My cousin, Amy, and I would jump the iron fence right in the middle of a hill. We would lay in the street just outside the fence - a relatively busy street back in the day - and see how could get the furthest in the reciting of the ABCs before a car came, to roll over us and flatten us like a pancake.

The stupidity just gets worse the older I got.

Peach schnopps. We used to be good friends. In high school, 4 of us - 2 boys and 2 girls - decided to buy two bottles, visit a parking lot before school (it happened to be the house of Catholic nuns), and see who could drink more out of the bottle, boys or girls.

There are many more stories along those lines, and they only get worse, but you get the point.

I'm standing on the edge of time

I walked away when love was mine
Caught up in a world of uphill climbing
The tears are in my mind
And nothing is rhyming, oh Mandy...

: :   : :   : :

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