Monday, June 20, 2011

the white words + WonderDads Father's Day Giveaway

I am never late for anything. 

So, go figure that my first giveaway at { the white words } is less than timely since Father's Day has already passed. Aw heck, who cares, right? Let's get going with this thing!

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My Dad passed away almost thirteen years ago. I was pregnant with Audrey when he died, which means none of our kids were able to 'offically' meet their Papa.

As Matt was putting Isaac, our middle child who is 9, to bed over the weekend, Isaac mentioned that we should visit Papa's grave sometime and put something on it that represented what Papa liked. Sweet boy.

When he woke up yesterday, which was Father's Day, Isaac asked me what that something would be. Matt thought beer and peanuts.

Good start. And, something to do with fishing. Papa loved to fish. He grew up on Lake Erie, his family shared my grandpa's boat, and they fished while drinking beer and eating peanuts. He cleaned his own fish, and my Mom loved to serve that fish as much as she could.

It's too bad that Papa isn't still around, because we still spend much time on Lake Erie, and my boys would have loved to have been taught by him to fish.

What's that? Matt? Matt teach them how to fish? Well, he doesn't exactly know how.

But thanks to WonderDads, it is not too late or too difficult to learn the basics!

WonderDads helps fathers and children begin to develop sports memories with four full-color 40 page books that are a fun first step towards of teaching kids how to excel at a sport, whether it's soccer, golf, baseball or the sport of fishing! The books can be read by your child, with a child, or even just by parents on their own to pick up some of the basics!

The WonderDads store also features Activity Guide Books, based on geographical areas, so no longer do Dads have to come up with ideas of what to do with their kids on their own... this book gives you many suggestions for area activities! These are excellent guides to engaging kids in quality, educational, and fun activities that will be remembered for a lifetime.

This post-Father's Day week, WonderDads has provided the white words with a copy of the "Teach Me Fishing!" book to give away to one of my readers!

So, here is what you can do to be entered into the give is easy skeezy...

1)  Go to the white words on Facebook. LIKE the page.
2)  On the white words Facebook page, under this blog post, tell me your favorite/best fishing memory, preferably with your Dad or Grandpa, but it could be with any special father figure in your life.  

I will randomly select the winner on Thursday, June 23, 2011, and he/she will be notified via Facebook.

Thanks for stopping by and participating... and good luck!!

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