Friday, July 1, 2011

The bag that did me in

When I hosted my own thirty-one open house, I NEVER intended to want to sell within the company. In fact, my BFF, Colleen, said, thirty one is so not you.

But, Colleen was wrong... and this is the bag that wooed me. The Metro Retro Bag ($52, shown in Navy Mod Dot).

Of course, I don't carry this bag because Audrey has taken possession of it. In fact, she used it as her school bag as soon as the UPS man dropped it off, and now this summer, it is her pool bag.

The Metro Retro bag also makes a very stylish diaper/children's stuff bag... overnight bag... knitting bag... whatever. Lots can fit in it without the bag becoming too overwhelming for your shoulders or back.

One day I will get this back!!

Oh, and psst! A great way to get this bag for free is to have your own thirty-one Open House, which is what I did. Most hostesses earn about $50 in free product, and since this is one of the pricier items in the current line, if you like love it like Audrey and I do, why not take it home for free? If that sounds good to you, email me and we can set something up!

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