Saturday, July 9, 2011

An open letter to {some of} my readers

I grew up in a small, rural town in a very large Catholic family. When I say 'very large', I mean gimungous. It is hard to explain just how big unless you can see it.

This is a picture (of a picture) of one of the family reunions, circa 2002.  I am 48th from the left in an orange shirt. Not really. You can stop looking.  I think the group grew by another 100 or so five years later at the 2007 reunion with new spouses and children. The Mayles (obviously) know how to reproduce. I heart my family.

Growing up, I didn't appreciate being in such a large family in such a small town. I was SO PROUD to be in our family (still am) but it is very difficult to function properly as a deliquent teenager when everyone knows everyone who knows you.

Truth be told, I think I would still have a difficult time living in that small town with such a large family. Every body would know your business. Even one's very functional business.

Weird, huh? Go figure.  

I have a personal blog. Yes, this is the one.

Apparently one that is read by many in that large family, in that small town. They told me so when we visited Mayleville for seven days last week for our summer vacation.

I felt sort of weird ... okay, really weird ... that people were telling me how they had been following my blog (hello to all of you!!! :::hugs & kisses:::).

When I told my Mom that I was surprised at those who were following it, of course her response was, "Why are you putting it out there if you don't want people to read it?"

It isn't that I don't want people to read it or that I expect that people aren't reading it. I am just surprised people... you... are. Really and truly.

Why would that surprise me?

Because, if you are reading this blog, I want you to be engaged enough to join the discussion of whatever it is I am writing about. And, you aren't. If you were, I would know that you are reading. I write, you read. You vote. We discuss. Remember, that is how it works? Class, please pay attention.

I realize commenting or discussing something is not always possible because there are likely some... okay many... things that you don't care about. Like my garden or how friggin' cute my kids are. I get it.

After all, one of you mentioned this week that you love that I write about nothing. Yes, I most certainly do. I was just thinking today that if this blog were anonymous, I would have some goooood sh*t to discuss.

Okay, so...

Pretend we are sitting here...

And when something strikes your fancy, let me know you are reading!

Oh, and just for old times' sake, you can click here, too!


  1. I just recently ran across your blog, and signed up as a follower. I love it! and yes, I am one of the "non-commenters" you spoke of. :) I too live in a small town, and have a very large family. My 2 daughters are the 38th and 39th Great Grandchildren. Our family lives all over the world though. Although, with facebook, twitter, heck all of social media- I don't think it matters where they live, they'll find out what you're doing (or writing!)

  2. Hi Babe. I am also in an orange shirt in your photo. I think I am standing behind you making bunny ears on your head. I read only some of your entries - usually if the blurb on facebook strikes me as interesting I'll check it out if I have time. (so if you don't want me reading your blog make the first couple sentences blah. and no mention of family.) I have never commented before but being from a large Catholic family I was guilted into writing something even if it isn't worthy. Keep having fun doing your blog even if people aren't commented they are reading.

  3. There we go, Kell! You just keep on reading, and I am sure I will have something good to write after July 16, if I can muster the energy to be with you again! XXOO