Sunday, July 17, 2011

Slaying dragons

My baby turned six today.

Ian has always had to take a back seat to everything going on with Audrey and Isaac. And, he does it gladly. He hates to be the center of attention, in any situation. Plus, he idolizes both of them. As far as he is concerned, they are the sh*t.

But today was all about Ian.

{ So much so that it drove Isaac (9) nuts. }

The tradition in our house on a birthday is that the whole family wakes up whenever the birthday person wakes.

Ian was awake at 6:00am. {Tradition also says we aren't actually allowed out of bed until 7:00am, regardless of the holiday.}  Somehow, he figured out a way to fall back to sleep between 6 and 7 o'clock.

When 7 came, he rushed into our room and told us how he had actually grown (like, a lot) overnight. His hands were bigger. And, LOOK at how tall he was. He had grown so much that his pajama shirt no longer fit him. 

It was so sweet to hear Ian actually be Ian the first thing this morning without having Audrey and Isaac butting in constantly to tell him what to say, what to do, and what things to like or not like, and how to feel.

As of a couple weeks ago, we had no clue what Ian wanted for his birthday. But then, once he figured it out, he made the list.

A cape, gold sword and crown were at the top of the list. He wanted to be armed to fight dragons. I love that he figured out that out all by himself. HE wanted to fight dragons.

He also figured a light saber wouldn't hurt.

After he opened the light saber, he asked Matt if he could go out and cut the grass with it... and then asked me if he could trim the shrubs. I told him to have at it, and do. you. know. it. worked? He came in so excited, as if that light saber just chopped a tree in half.

The only other thing he really wanted - in addition to Hero Factory Legos and Glo Sticks - was 18 holes of golf with Dad. He wanted to be sure that they could play a long, long time.

And, that is where my six year old and his Dad are right now.

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