Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jarritos | It pays to blog

My younger sister, Cathy, and her family recently moved to Atlanta. She happened to run into this hunky dish yesterday at the grocery store.

Cathy & Paul, from Auction Kings on Discovery Channel.

I may or may not have spent time Googling Paul.  I have a fascination with auctions, okay?!  (Yes, he does have a deer-in-the-deadlights look about him, but that is just because her hand is on his bootey.)

Well, I didn't meet any hunks that wear shark teeth on their leather necklaces yesterday, like my sister-celeb-stalker, but I did get a case of this liquid deliciousness on my doorstep, compliments of Jarritos themselves.

One case of Jarritos Mexican Cola.

It took a few sips for Isaac to get the hang of drinking out of a glass bottle,
which he thought was pretty cool. I wonder where he gets that from?
Ian appears to have gotten drunk off of his Jarritos, which is Fruit Punch flavored.
The boys finished off another three bottles today at lunch with their pizza.  

Where does one find Jarritos Mexican Cola, you ask? This is the only negative of drinking a Jarritos cola (other than the instant addiction!). The stores that carry it are sparse, and mainly in the southern US, so if you can get your hands on some, I suggest you do it!  And, send some to the White family, of course.

Check out this link to find a store near you! Be sure to check out the website, too, for some cool apps and contests.  

I hear you can also use the flavored cola to cook with...? If you have any ideas, send them my way ASAP, because I only have about 4 bottles of the yumminess left!

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