Friday, October 21, 2011

Playing Favorites

Last night, Matt and I were watching Anderson Cooper's new daytime talk show. The topic was whether or not parents have favorite children. You can see some of it here. A few videos are posted on the topic from the episode.

The big discussion was whether or not all parents have favorites. Some say there is no way to get around it, and others think that is proposterous.

So, we asked Isaac and Audrey (seperately) if they felt like we have a "favorite" child.

: : : : 

Me: Audrey, do you think Mom and/or Dad have a favorite child?

Audrey: Yes.

Me: (shocked and fearful) Which one is it?

Audrey: Me. Of course. :: pause ::  Actually, no. It is Rico.

: : : : 

Me: Isaac, do you think Mom and/or Dad have a favorite child? 

Isaac: (without hesitation)  Yes.

Me: Which one of you is it?

Isaac: (throwing his arms in the air) ME!!!!!

: : : : 

I think we are doing okay in this department. And, if they ever feel like the dog is my favorite, it should remind them that he is the most obedient living and breathing creature in this house.

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