Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Purge

The Top 100 Mom Blogs has been published by Babble! Actually, it was published eons ago in blog days, but today was my first chance to check out every single one of the Top 100.

There are so many awesome reads that I now want to check out, so I did the purge. No, not the life purge from a couple years ago.... but of the Google Reader variety. Unless you are a personal friend, family, Shauna Glenn, or Jamie The Very Worst Missionary, you were removed from my reader.

I don't blame you or your writing. It's all me. My A.D.D. has infiltrated most aspects of my life.


I do not like long posts. 500-800 words. Tops. (No, I do not try to stick to this with my own blog. Duh. Who has time to count all of those words?) I want to know how the story is going to end about 500 words in. My husband can attest.

I do not like when the blogger uses "pet" or pen names for their family and friends. It is difficult to follow who The Preacher or The DH or "S" is. What if there are two esses? There are reasons to not give personal information. I get it. But I won't read it unless I know who you are speaking of.

I am done following home design blogs. I will never be domestically creative. Never ever. And envy is really ugly.

While I, myself, can shoot all words out like a sailor, I don't like excessive cursing or talking of one's vagina. However, I am pretty certain that this blog, which is now in my reader, will be mentioning vaginas a time or two.

Because of the life stage I am in, I really find no interest in parenting blogs. I now just message all of my guidance counselor friends to solicit advice, since Potty Training 101 doesn't seem to apply anymore.

For 2012, I added twelve new blogs to start off my 2012. Stoked about that. Let's hope none of them exhibit any of the above features more than 1% of the time.

Here are a few that I am most excited about.

: : : : : :

How do you choose the blogs you do (or do not) read?

: : : : : :

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