Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I figure I am about in to the 28th month of my mid-life crisis, but I swear I am getting a handle on it.

I have decided that having my house "professionally" cleaned once a month isn't too much to ask. Yes, I realize I can do it myself, as we all can. I just cannot do it all at once. And, I am just too damn tired. Middle age makes you tired. Are you tired? Have your house cleaned. Sometimes I think it is the cure all.

My middle age also means no more children. Actually, Matt's tied macaronis mean no more children. However, you do not need functioning macaronis to get a new dog.

This is Caesar, our new baby. He is 100% love. Especially since he has stopped eating his own crap.

Speaking of babies... we were speaking of babies before Caesar ate his poo... the last time I had one was six and a half years ago. Six years ago, I had an umbilical hernia - caused by my babies - repaired. Now it is time to get another one repaired. How many more can there be?! Mesh may be the silver bullet this go-round.

I figure that having my hernia repaired will make me look better in a bathing suit in mid-life. Going to the gym will, too. Which I have started to do. Three days a week. So far, so good. It will continue to go well as long as no one talks to me or gets all up in my business about what I am doing. The personal trainer that runs the joint now knows this about me. It took a couple of times of me not taking out my head phones as he talked to me, but some people are just slow learners.

Because I am getting all conditioned and such, I could run the Fishcreek 5K Raccoon Run, but I won't. You know... they need volunteers on the day of. If you are local to NE Ohio and are a runner, click on that link, and REGISTER for this race! We are busy hammering out all of the details for the race and sponsorships, so if you are interested in either, keep checking back to the website.

Times up... have to go pick up my prescription for my middle-aged defective sinuses. Until next time... PEACE!

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