Tuesday, December 11, 2012

six months.

That is almost how long it has been since I have written on here. We made it through an entire presidential election, amongst many (many, many, many) other events, and I did not say a WORD (on here... hahaha...).

It's been a weird six months for me. I "retired"... had a brief stint being "unretired"... had a vacation or two... layed by the pool for hours on end... read countless books... got three kids back in school... turned the big  4-0... carpooled 4,327 times to 587 locations... made it through soccer season and the school musical... celebrated a few holidays... hmmpff.... and, now, it is almost the new year. And, I *think* I am ready to write again.

Although, I have moved into this more guarded state. "Half-time" in life is just weird. In so many different ways. So much to process. Too much to evaluate.

It is the place where you wonder if you have taken enough risks.

It is the place where you wonder if you are doing the right thing... every day in every thing you do.  

It is the place where you hope you are leading your children in the right direction.

It is the place where you look back and realize what a dumbass you have been. On so many occasions... to so many people...

Everything is a question for me right now. Or, rather, an evaluation.

Weird stuff happens in this life stage. Crazy shit.

But...  life is very good. It's all very good.

So, I shall move onward with this little space of mine! 

About six months ago, my plan was to post daily. HA! Well, I have the time to write every day, but can I clear the cranial clutter...??? THAT is the question!

Stay tuned... your guess is as good as mine!

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