Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Makes A Momma Proud

Isaac came home with his school picture (see the handsome lad above), and I realized just how big he is. He is hardly a little boy any more. At one point after school, I lost my temper with him for not listening, and I sent him to his room. After his "time out", I went up to his room to talk it through with him. When we were done, I pulled him on my lap and we hugged and hugged. It isn't often I get to have him all to myself, AND on my lap. That reminded me of how fast time flies - he used to fit on my lap so well, and now he is almost as big as me. I don't spend enough quiet time with the kids, and I could use more minutes of long hugs.

When I opened the mail this afternoon, I was thrilled to find a letter from Audrey's principal, informing us that she was awarded the Principal's Luncheon for the second time this school year. A snipet of the letter is above. One of the things pointed out to us at parent-teacher conferences a couple weeks ago was that Audrey pays special attention to the MR/DD students at her school. She reads to them, tells them jokes, and helps them with basic self-care while in the classroom or library. It has shown us that regardless of how she treats her brothers and parents during the tense times in her life, she has a very kind heart and may have a gift for her friends who have special needs. :)

Makes a momma proud.

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