Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Ian loves fruit.

Tonight I went into the refrigerator to get an apple for Ian to "swirl", which means I take a small apple and use the peeler/corer from Amish Country to make it a long curlie-Q of skinless apple.

As I peek in, I see this. It looks like something you would see in a Highlight magazine where they ask you "what is missing?" or "what is wrong in this picture?".

I close the refrigerator, after removing the eaten remnants and closing the bag of watermelon wedges, then I core/peel Ian's apple.

He eats it, and says to me, "Mom, school says I have to eat my fruit. Apples are fruit. Watermelon is fruit. Bananas are fruit. Grapes are fruit."

At least I know he is listening.

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