Tuesday, January 12, 2010

clearing my conscience

Yesterday when I left for work, I didn't grab a cup of water like I usually do because I was short on time. But, when I stepped outside into the garage, there they were! Plastic bottles of water spilling out from their plastic casing.

At first sight, I cringed. WHERE DID THEY COME FROM?
I have not been allowing the White household to purchase bottled water since I realized how environmentally irresponsible it is. Then I remembered. The Mister had actually bought them for the boys' camping trip this past weekend.

Fine. If you must hydrate yourself. There is frozen water all around you at camp, and a fire to warm you AND melt the water. But go ahead. Pollute the earth with fossil fuels.

Since they were there, I grabbed one for the road. I felt SO incredibly guilty with every sip of it. It is all or nothing in my world of obsessive-compulsion. That is just the way I roll. Yet, even through the guilt, when I got home after work, the empty bottle went from the cup holder in the gas-guzzling truck, straight into the regular trash bag because the recycle bin was still at the curb (trash day).

Today, I grabbed two more bottles on my way out. I DON'T KNOW WHY other than becuase they were there. Convenience had seduced me.

Fast forward to about one o'clock this afternoon after I threw my Diet Pepsi can into the trash can under my desk.

Guilt be gone! I have now created a recycle bin under my desk out of a spare box and plastic bag.

Check out this blog I recently ran across: http://www.onegreengeneration.com/ and allow it to inspire you to make the LITTLE changes in your life that can make a HUGE impact on our world. We should all feel our conscience tug at us when we pitch instead of recycle.

And, just so you know, recently, I also have this go through my head when I use the bathroom: "If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down." Seriously. Every time I go.

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  1. My Grandmother told me the same thing back in 1968. I do not think in her 87 years, she ever flushed the yellow. Thanks for the memories and the reminder to be conscious of our environment. Thanks Ann