Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Selfishness has me following the wrong direction

Last year at about this time, my husband was told that he no longer had a job with his then employer.  I freaked, to say the least.

But since then, he has started his own company, while also selling for a friend of ours that specializes in Search Engine Optimization. He works out of our home, is able to help out much more with the daily demands of the kids, and even with making much less income this past year, we have still been able to pay off a credit card that was lingering over our heads.

It is easy to say this on the back end of a situation, but God will provide. He always does, even when I don't fully have confidence that He will in the way that I would like Him to. It is, after all, His plan and not mine. I am merely a "character in the story".

So, in the present, I worry much less about "getting by" financially. But, what I do worry about is retirement.  Something that is thirty years, give or take a few, stresses me out every day. In fact, I can honestly say it mentally stresses me out more than anything else. How stupid is that?

Yesterday, God reminded me that I am so incredibly self-centered in my very rich, excessively plentiful, blessed life. A massive earthquake hits Haiti, the Western Hemisphere's poorest nation. I don't need to connect the dots for you with words, but I will end with this...

I know that natural disasters are also a part of God's plan, and maybe a part of that plan exists to remind me that I should worry less, if not at all, about my completely irrelevant retirement, but to use my resources, which are modest by American standards, to assist those who are unable to help themselves.  If I have internet access, a cell phone, a car, any amount of food on our table, any clothing to wear, a pet, a roof over my head... I can help. We can help. See how here.

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  1. Very well put...we often need that "perspective" jolt.