Saturday, January 23, 2010's about living until I die...

This morning, I went to my first Miche Bag meeting. It was a first for everyone there, in fact.
The Miche Bag company is relatively new, which means their distributors and representatives are also new. The company has been experiencing some major growing pains, yet my distributor Lori and her Miche Man husband just roll with it and adapt as needed. It would drive me bonkers!

But, on to the good stuff! Today was our first opportunity to see and touch the Hope bag.

Miche Bag will donate $5.00 from the sale of the Hope bag (Classic and Big Bag available) to the Huntsman Cancer Research Hospital located in Salt Lake City, UT.

While five dollars doesn't seem like a significant amount to donate, Miche anticipates this design to outsell its already most popular bag, the Jayma. In fact, the company anticipates selling 200,000 of these shells. Quickly do the math, and through this Hope shell, Miche will be able to donate $1,000,000 for cancer research. I should also mention that Lori will take her profit from the sale of these bags to contribute to her sponsorship in the Susan G. Koman 3-day.

When these shells were shown today, it was particularly touching --- it was evident that every person in the room had been affected in one way or another by cancer. For me, it was my Dad, taken too early from us almost 12 years ago. For Lori and her husband, it was Lori, who is a cancer survivor of 8 years. For many others, it was a mother, a brother, an aunt, or a best friend.

Through the Hope bags, we all can help to make a difference in supporting the fight against cancer.


  1. anne! what aren't you doing these days?! you are so driven - that's awesome! thanks for the link - now I can keep up with you. see you thursday at erin's party!

  2. rachel, i find it funny - and a lovely coincidence - that you will also be at erin's party on thursday!! can't wait to see you again! -a