Thursday, January 14, 2010

my rant through another's blog

The Mister and his friends have recently starting reading the work of, and following the blogs of, author Don Miller. They rave about his work, his words, his clarity and common sense.

So, yesterday, I read/saw someone tell Pat Robertson to "shut up" on Facebook. It drew me in, I read about his comments related to Haiti, and my blood pressure rose as it usually does with religious conservatives that seem to know the reasons behind why God does everything He does.

For background purposes... most Christians would call me liberal because I didn't automatically vote Republican in the 2008 presidential election. In fact, some have eluded that I am lesser of a Christian than the, er, "good" Christians out there because of my support for Barrack Obama. AS IF! Okay, so I digress... my point here was going to be that I actually view myself as political moderate without an affiliation to one political party to another. My sisters, with whom I discuss politics with rather often, would call me conservative.

{ And really, if I am trying to mimic the characteristics of Jesus in my life, who really cares? }

Every where you turn, there is someone like Robertson with a public forum to not just teach and instruct from the Bible, but [possibly] manipulate its contents to make their own opinions and judgements known. For this reason, leading up to the last presidential election and since, I just have not felt at ease with Christians. Not Christianity, but Christians, and I am one. I have been disappointed, angry, sad, perplexed, and incredibly hurt during that time for a few reasons on a few different levels... and, I suspect that I am not alone. 

I would like to share two blogs entries as they relate to Pat Robertson's comment on Haiti. I think these blog entries have allowed me the insight and encouragement to just let my frustrations go.

Don Miller's blog is the first.  HOLY SMOKES! Don has put into words all of my feelings from the past couple of years. I now get why Matt and his bros love the guy's work!

And, the second is from :: in.a.mirror.dimly :: by Ed Cyzewski.

I would like to highlight one excerpt from each blog that impacted me the most.

"I’ve also found that the more I trust in Christ’s redemption to be sufficient, the less overtly religious I am. And, quite honestly, the more suspect overtly religious people become to me. When I’m with somebody who talks zealously about faith, about Jesus, about the Bible, after a while, I find myself wondering whether or not their faith is strong at all." -Don Miller

"In fact, what if all of the Christians in the world were so busy sending aid to Haiti, even putting building campaigns on hold and selling off their possessions so they can donate more money, that this dude’s statement is covered in a mountain of charity and good deeds in the name of our Lord and his coming Kingdom? That’s a good way to spend our time… and money." - Ed Cyzewski

For Christians, both writers offer great encouragement to act in love, rather than try to control through hate and judgement. One day, we, too, will be held accountable for our words and actions... and lack thereof... regardless of our arrogance here on earth. If we spend more of our energy and resources in pointing fingers and "talking" about how sinful the world is than we do, for example, ministering to the poor and sick as Jesus would have done, we need to go back to the basics.

For non-Christians, both blogs are also a great reminder that a comprehensive Christian view/opinion  does not exist outside of the Bible's teachings, and the assumptions inherent in such a comprehensive movement are not subscribed to by all Christians. Pat Robertson, nor any other religious figure - near or far - does not speak for me.

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