Monday, February 1, 2010

analyze this!

I am in my late thirties. And with that comes night sweats. Yes, that may be TMI for some of you, but it is what it is, and it affects two weeks out of my every month. In fact, two weeks before THAT TIME of the month, I not only have night sweats, but also crazy dreams that accompany them. It is a chicken or the egg kind of scenerio... I don't know which triggers which, but every night, I wake up from a wild dream soaked in sweat.

{ Yes, I have tried all kinds of remedies for my night sweats and NONE work. I do find that when I take a sleeping aid, it helps about half of the time. }

Last night before bed, the kids and I were watching the Grammy Awards. I went to bed, not long after seeing the Jonas Brothers introduce Lady Antebellum. I actually don't even think I made it through their song before the TV was clicked off.

During my slumber, I wake up soaked, but off the heels of having a lovely dream where Joe Jonas, my preferred J-Bro (cuz if I went any younger, that would be just weird), has picked me out of thousands of girls, including my closest cousin growing up, Amy. He was in LOVE with me, he said.

Amy and I were always in competition with one another in our childhood, and I have obviously finally made it BIG with this dream. Nah-na-nah-nah-nah-nah...

In my dream, I have other girls heckling me, telling me that I have completely ruined this competition. It was apparently a fundraiser, and someone else was supposed to "win" Joe Jonas. But, he was in love with me.

At some point, I thought I should ask Joe just how old he is. He told me 32. Perfect. But, then I found out he lied... he was really only 28. (Okay, okay... I do know how old he REALLY is... and your point is?)

I am sure the theme of this dream also ties into the fact that on Friday, I took my pre-teen daughter and her friends to the movies. As we got out of the mom-mobile to go into the theater, I asked them if my jean/boot combination was okay. One of the girls explained to me that no one would be checking me out anyway so it really didn't matter how I looked. Awwww.... isn't she sweet?!

Next time I am out with those little ladies, I think I will actually pay someone to hit on me.

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  1. oh anne! you crack me up! and the J-bro of choice - I thought they were all interchangeable!! don't worry, you are one hot mama, no pun intended!!!