Thursday, January 28, 2010

kim gone wild on american idol

The fam and I were sitting enjoying American Idol last night, and Ryan starts chatting with the next contestant, Erica Rhodes.

Erica, wearing fingerless black leather gloves with an otherwise conservative get up, explains to Ryan that she was one of the children on Barney & Friends, back in the day. Yep, there she is... "Kim"... they show us a vintage Barney & Friends photo. After years and years of watching Barney repeats, we all knew the face very, very well. Thankfully, sometimes kids grow up... she is gorgeous. Gorgeous and talented. Raw talent as Kara DioGuardi would say.

However, instead of resting on those laurels, she then dons a dominatrix costume, complete with whip - A WHIP! - and some fancy boots! As parents, our mouths were hanging wide open, as if she was our own little girl who was one of Barney's BFFs.

Come on! For real! Why did she have to go and do THAT? I know why. Blah, blah, blah. I hear it all the time from my marketing guru of a husband.

She got exactly what she wanted. Not only is she going to Hollywood, which would have happened anyway without the leather and the whip, but we are all googling her today to see what this good girl/bad girl has been up to.

I could always tell when watching those Barney videos that "Kim" had control issues.

Oh, and in case you missed last night's episide, you can see here just how talented Erica really is.


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