Tuesday, February 16, 2010

consign & recycle

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to shop! But I also love a great bargain.

I am thrilled to say that most of my deals are found at local consignment shops. In fact, I cannot remember the last time I shopped in a mall, department store or a "name brand" store such as GAP, Old Navy or Aeropostale.

Consignment stores are good for my family and they are good for the environment. Our family is able to wear quality, name brand clothing, purchased for a third of what they would cost us if bought new straight off the rack in a traditional retail setting. Plus, through the purchase of something that already exists, we are essentially wearing recycled product, which creates less demand for more of that product to be manufactured.

Consider this:
Cotton crops pollute. It is estimated that in third world countries, half of all pesticides used are used on cotton fields. When you recycle a single gently-used T-shirt and one pair of jeans, you help save a full pound of chemical fertilizer and pesticide from being released into the soil, water, and atmosphere. Plus, every stage of cotton agriculture is water intensive.

Get out there and do a search of consignment stores in your area! 

For my local readers:
In the Akron area, my absolute, all-time favorite consignment store is The GrowingYears. It is the BEST place to consign your own children's gently used clothes, and to pick up some replacements as they grow. Personally, I love their Juniors section where I can find jeans, already worn in, just like I like them... plus t-shirts galore... along with anything else I need, even some more "mature" duds! Dude, a few years ago, I bought a pair of $115.00 Joe's Jeans for $11.00!! And, now they are my favorite pair! A weekly trip is definitely worth it!

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