Sunday, February 14, 2010

hairstylin' maven in training

A, my eleven year old, asked me tonight to shape up her bangs. Why, of course I can!, I responded.

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My better half, Matt, and my hairstylist, Andrew Peitz of Texture Salons, recently launched a website that allows hairdressers to obtain continuing education credits online. Check it out at { Psst, pass it on to your hairdressers, too! }

Because of this awesome project, we are getting to know hair in our house. Matt spends hours and hours and hours every week reviewing, editing, downloading video of Andrew and his team working their magic. Matt used to get on me all the time about the cost of getting my hair done (and the frequency of which I have it done). The conversations we now have in the morning while I am messing with my hair are comical and a complete 180 from what I would  have expected before Cut Outside the Line came into existance.

Back to A and the shaping of her bangs. A few weeks ago as Matt was editing video on his laptop while sitting in bed, he told me I had to see a cool technique that the hairstylist was using while cutting a young woman's bangs, so I watched. I definitely found it less riveting than Matt did, yet knowing I would someday NEED this video footage.

All five of us huddled with anticipation in the kids' bathroom while I performed, step-by-step, the bang cutting technique in video on Matt's laptop.

One look in the mirror, and A was pleased as pie with her new bangs. A FIRST!

I may have found my true calling in life, because if I can do something ONE TIME and please A, I must be darn good at it.

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